GBU 102: Freetember: A New Calendar For Earth


Natalie & Drew pick apart the very nature of time itself, exploring:

  • What happens if time collapses on itself

  • Why the Gregorian Calendar is named after Greg

  • Why school takes a long time

  • Our new, revolutionary calendar system, mentioned in the title of this episode

  • What happened when the French tried to put 100 seconds in a minute

  • How do you even measure time if it’s not real?

And hundreds more ideas, packed into just less than an hour. If you missed episode 101, episode 99, episode 97, et cetera, they’re for patrons only and can be found at with a subscription. You’ll also get access to the infamous Discord, which houses our inner-circle of Garbage Brain Geniuses and hosts live-listens for new episodes.

Until next time!

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