Jul 28, 2020 • 43M

GBU 116: Shooting Blood From Your Third Boob

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Drew & Natalie Dee
In Everything Is Real, Natalie Dee & Drew Toothpaste investigate the conspiracies and strange happenings that peel back the edge of reality. Join Drew (a research chemist) and Natalie (a Ph.D in Metaphysics) as they study the fringes of society.

It’s the season of swampy humidity and peeing outside. Summer is here, and Natalie & Drew have a boatload of weird holidays, non-scenic Ohio ditches, and the tale of what regular people do when they go to Florida, if you’re not regular and don’t know. Also: why you can’t be nude, a way to fix the boring-ass Olympics, and the true meaning of Summer Vacation is revealed.

Also, if you missed it, we have a Twitch channel now! Stop by and watch us play weird old video games, like Frolf (Ribbit King,) which we’ve discussed in past episodes. It’s like a live GBU episode, but we play games, and we have a great, secret project planned for our Twitch channel. So subscribe to that sucker (it’s free) and let it alert you next time we stream!

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