Jul 28, 2020 • 43M

GBU 116: Shooting Blood From Your Third Boob

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Drew & Natalie Dee uncover bizarre facts about life on earth and share them with you, one subject at a time.

It’s the season of swampy humidity and peeing outside. Summer is here, and Natalie & Drew have a boatload of weird holidays, non-scenic Ohio ditches, and the tale of what regular people do when they go to Florida, if you’re not regular and don’t know. Also: why you can’t be nude, a way to fix the boring-ass Olympics, and the true meaning of Summer Vacation is revealed.

Also, if you missed it, we have a Twitch channel now! Stop by and watch us play weird old video games, like Frolf (Ribbit King,) which we’ve discussed in past episodes. It’s like a live GBU episode, but we play games, and we have a great, secret project planned for our Twitch channel. So subscribe to that sucker (it’s free) and let it alert you next time we stream!

Until next time!

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