Dec 1, 2020 • 1HR 9M

GBU 148: Weanut Butter, Wilk, Wizza, and Other Edibles

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Drew & Natalie Dee
In Everything Is Real, Natalie Dee & Drew Toothpaste investigate the conspiracies and strange happenings that peel back the edge of reality. Join Drew (a research chemist) and Natalie (a Ph.D in Metaphysics) as they study the fringes of society.

Natalie & Drew investigate cannabis edibles, hemp food, and all the treats you’ll forget you eat. We talked about buying weed at the deli counter, why the Hindu god Shiva was a known weedhead, who invented edibles, why they last so long, how weed can lead to starting a family, why Weanut Butter is not a force for good, and the tale of the highest either one of us has ever been on edibles. Plus, an edible quiz you can play while you listen.

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