Dec 13, 2020 • 46M

GBU 152: A Very Pinhead Christmas (special guest Doug Bradley)

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Drew & Natalie Dee
In Everything Is Real, Natalie Dee & Drew Toothpaste investigate the conspiracies and strange happenings that peel back the edge of reality. Join Drew (a research chemist) and Natalie (a Ph.D in Metaphysics) as they study the fringes of society.

Doug Bradley, who played Pinhead in the first eight Hellraiser movies, joins us today for a very special Christmas episode. Doug told us about the secret deleted Hellraiser scenes, explained why Clive Barker was the perfect director for Hellraiser, reveals the truth behind Pinhead’s makeup, and tells us what it’s like to be inside of Pinhead’s leathers. We also got a look at Doug in the Star Wars universe, the future of Hellraiser, and the ultimate Hellraiser question: Will Doug Bradley be Pinhead once again?

Doug’s store is at and is where you can find his “virtual convention” we talked about, as well as books and other merch. His YouTube channel has readings of several books, and his Instagram account OfficialDougBradley is what you want to follow for more!

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