Feb 22, 2020 • 1HR 1M

GBU Bonus: Talkin' Teens with Murder Bryan from Street Fight Radio

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Drew & Natalie Dee uncover bizarre facts about life on earth and share them with you, one subject at a time.
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Our friend Bryan stopped by to talk teenagers with us, in this bonus episode of GBU! Bryan is half of Street Fight Radio, an iconic anarcho-comedy show from Columbus, and like Drew and Natalie, he also used to be a teenager. We talked about why letting adults down means nothing, grinding at the school dance, and how Bryan started a mafia at his high school. There’s also a quiz you can play while you listen.

We mentioned it in the episode, but Street Fight will be live in Columbus on Friday, February 28th, at Ruby Tuesday, so check that out, and follow @MurderBryan on Twitter if you haven’t already for more details.

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