May 27, 2019 • 1HR 5M

How Natalie Destroyed E.T.'s Nasty Little Body

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Drew & Natalie Dee
In Everything Is Real, Natalie Dee & Drew Toothpaste investigate the conspiracies and strange happenings that peel back the edge of reality. Join Drew (a research chemist) and Natalie (a Ph.D in Metaphysics) as they study the fringes of society.

Natalie & Drew run down the origins of “Nut Rage,” why you shouldn’t make DMT at home, the bizarre inventions created in dreams, and the time Natalie whooped E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial. It’s all in our longest-ever episode, and it’s time for you to listen to it right now.

The study of dreams is called Oneirology. Even though interpreting dreams is still wholly subjective, dreaming plays an important role in the health of the human brain. It’s linked to REM sleep, named after the Rapid Eye Movement that occurs while in this deepest stage of sleep. Brain activity that occurs while dreaming is more similar to wakefulness than other stages of sleep, which is why we perceive dreams as being real while asleep.

Nikola Tesla (above), the renowned inventor, supposedly came up with the concept of the alternating-current generator in a dream. Thankfully, it turns out he wasn’t super involved in Thomas Edison’s elephant-murdering scheme (well, neither was Edison, to any significant extent) which leaves us to ponder his legacy relatively free from guilt.

The ancient Sumerians were the first known society to interpret and record dreams, which they began doing around 3100 BCE. They believed the soul left the body and traveled through the world while asleep, which, to their credit, is hard to prove or disprove. Maybe while you’re astrally traveling at night, your soul is late to work, and can’t read the bus schedule, and your soul’s teeth keep falling out.

We don’t recommend you take DMT, but we go into the endogenous creation of it as well as why you shouldn’t make it in buckets in your driveway. Here’s a neutral article about the drug some people have called “The Spirit Molecule,” and here’s a VICE article called “Why Does DMT Make You Feel Like You’re Dying?” Fun!

Finally, Natalie tells the story of how and why she whipped E.T.’s nasty little ass. Like him or hate him, you gotta admit he had it coming.

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