Natalie & Drew's UFO Theories

Casinos, Lotteries & Horse Racing

Robo-Calls, Cowboys, And Payphones

You're Not Gonna Like What Happens When You Force Me To Sell You My Underwear

The Worst Candy In The World

Getting Rid Of Dead Horses... And Cars

Where We Got This Bag Of Neil Armstrong's Hair

There Are 846 Pokémon (feat. Nona)

Why The Girl Gang Spaghettied Your Yard

Depraved Animal Crossing Addicts

Paying for breathy phone calls & mounting a jar of peanut butter

The Sickest Shit Imaginable

Eating A Trash Bag Full Of Burgers

How Natalie Destroyed E.T.'s Nasty Little Body

Don't Trip Balls On Yams: Diamond Level

How We Got A Ghost On The Podcast

Why Corpse Fingers Ain't Lit

The Mailman Kissed My Mail

I Accidentally Murdered A Squirrel

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