Oct 7, 2019 • 1HR 8M

A Plan to Scare Poor People and Measure How Much They Pee

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Drew & Natalie Dee uncover bizarre facts about life on earth and share them with you, one subject at a time.
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Natalie Dee & Drew present to you the bizarre story of Mothman, the legendary West-Virginia-based creature that might be real. Or not real. Maybe he’s real, but constructed by the CIA. We expose the facts, explore all of these theories, and more, right here, right now.

Here’s an illustration of M-Man himself, as drawn by ???? in the year ???? (see, we told you it was mysterious.)

It’s The Smiling Man, aka Indrid Cold, as drawn by someone who saw him, supposedly!

Our friend Elissa, who you’ve heard on our Cemetery and Haunted Prison episodes, took these photos (above) in the Mothman Museum in Point Pleasant, WV. The actual watch and chapstick from the movie Mothman Prophecies! A letter from a Kennedy! And a very nicely made Mothman quilt. It’s the largest collection of Mothman memorabilia in the world.

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